“This Is Some Benjamin Button Shit” – Benjamin Button Gangsta Rap

For all of y’all for whom this is your first time hearing this
You are ‘bout to experience something so curious
I was born premature age one hundred and three
Eyes torn by cataracts, I couldn’t see
Skin wrinkled, bones brittle, abandoned as a freak
By a father who couldn’t stand the thought of me on his knee
But my momma took me in, though she thought I was dyin’
Yet every day I woke up still kickin’ and cryin’
I ain’t lyin’, something was clearly amiss
Every moment that passed returned time I had missed
And every year that went by my age seemed to decrease
My limbs grew stronger and my pain start’d to ease
Until one day I stood up on my own feet
My name is Benjamin Button, I ain’t droppin’ this beat

(Chorus, 2x)
I may look like a kid, but I have no fear
Because baby time stops when you come near
I may look kind of old, but I’m more than I appear
Girl, this is some Benjamin Button shit here
B-b-b-button, Benjamin Button
B-b-b-button, Benjamin Button

Let’s just say that I’m younger than I look,
I’m hungrier than a cook, and nasty with a hook,
Yeah I’ve got a chip on my shoulder, so what?
I’ve been outcast and sneered at by shorties, hookers and thugs
I didn’t have a childhood but still I grew up
Learned how to fuck before I’d ever learned to love
Met strange characters and travelled the whole world
As an old man, soul light, a hummin’bird
When the word came I went war
Didn’t see much action, but what I saw I abhor
Reconciled with my father, then went lookin’ for you
Daisy, the girl who’d treated me right as a youth
Touch and go at first, but our lives were intersectin’
You can’t deny it, girl we were meant for sexin’

(Chorus, 2x)

Daisy, my creation story is the story of your lips
And the swaying of your hips, and the fraying of my mind
A story beyond time, a testament of war, dance and rhyme
We had a daughter, but it quickly became apparent
That one such me could never become a parent
I ain’t proud of leavin’, but I believed it for the best
So took a little cash and left you with the rest
And when you found a father for my daughter I was glad
‘Cause Caroline deserved the kind of life I’d never had
But as she grew up, man I grew down
Until I looked like a child and my brain was unsound
But after everything still you never abandoned me
And as you grew old I raced towards infancy
That my time was runnin’ short, girl that was plain to see
Until I died, premature, age one hundred and three

(Chorus 4x)


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