One of the photo teachers at Fordham banned his students from taking pictures of kids or animals, because such shots are “too easy.” I kind of agree, but I have lots of shots of kids, so here is a quick set and then I’ll go back to “real” photography, lol.


3 responses to “Kids

  1. Well, yes, photos of kids and animals are easy to take. But to take good ones — that is ones that are powerful and communicative in some way — is another matter. I don’t know why a professor would ban students from taking such pictures rather than challenge them to take truly good ones.

  2. When we lived in New York in the 1970s I once went to the lobby of the New York Daily News where there was an exhibit of award winning photos. One of the most powerful , and I believe the first place photo, was of a young woman (a teenager I believe, so perhaps not a “kid” in the professor’s view) sitting grief stricken and cradling the head of her horse which was lying dad in the mud. A truly extraordinary photo of a kid (in my opinion) and an animal. That’s the kind of photo I was thinking of in my first comment.

  3. I meant to say “dead in the mud” not “dad in the mud”.

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