Nayuma Stunt Mania

This guy can wheelie for, like, a second.

Today I went to Nayuma Stunt Mania, a motorcyle stunt exhibition organized by my friend and coworker Anand. Nayuma is the local cable station. Apparently there are all kinds of weird events like this going on in Gangtok practically every week, but tourists never go. I think I was the only white person is the crowd of hundreds. Maybe tourists just don’t hear about these things — I probably wouldn’t have if everyone I work with weren’t going — but it isn’t like they don’t advertise these things to locals. I am constantly puzzled by what features of Gangtok are…assigned? to tourists and which ones are considered attractions for residents only. Take the ropeway, a Roosevelt Island style suspended cable car that goes from Deorali to the Secretariat. It could be a great little way for people living around Deorali or below to commute to government jobs up the hill. But the people that run it don’t really allow the option: you can only purchase tickets for an immediate round trip, no one way. No one thinks that it could be useful or interesting to locals, just like no one thought to advertise Nayuma Stunt Mania to tourists in town this week.

If it is good enough for NYC commuters, why not for the Sikkimese?



One response to “Nayuma Stunt Mania

  1. i love the composition of the ropeway picture!!!

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