Purple House

Obviously I accidently shot this with the camera slanted too, so it is even weirder than it looks in the picture.

Purple-Green Slanty Building

I see this building once or twice a week when I go down the hill to teach Tae Kwon Do or cover a story. It fascinates me. The parallelogram windows, obviously following the angle of an inside stairway, are so strange looking, even by Indian standards. There is no real reason to make the windows like that, and they must have been a real pain for the builders. But there they are. The Lex Luthor color scheme is wonderful, and brighter than any other building I’ve seen in Gangtok.


One response to “Purple House

  1. I looked at an apartment that had weird parallelogram windows in Kathmandu. They were one of the reasons I didn’t rent the place (the sewage river outside also had something to do with it).

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