Travel Update: Sawatdee-khap, suckas, I’m a f-ing tourist

So after several months here in Sikkim, I’m going to be heading off at the end of May for a summer holiday in Thailand, staying with a friend’s mom near Bangkok. I plan to relax and see a little of South East Asia, not to mention enjoy cosmopolitan Bangkok, for a little over two months. I’ve been to Thailand before, for a little under a month back in January 2007. I quite loved it. Very chill and beautiful, and not nearly as predatory feeling as some touristy parts of India. I have spent the last few months trying very hard not to be a tourist. Not quite a local, of course, but I’ve worked hard to cultivate the swagger of someone who belongs. So that will be a big change. The other big change is that I probably won’t be online to update every day. However, since I won’t be as busy with the paper and since I’ll be seeing novel things each day again, expect more personal travel essays. And of course, more photography! Hope you all have enjoyed this blog for the past few months. Things will be different this summer, but have no fear.


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