Landscape TV

Today (and last night) is another travel day. I’m back in Bangkok, sadly parted from Daniel and Pong who are flying back to the States tomorrow. I’ll be running around here in BKK and back to Klang Dong the next few days, and then I fly back to Kolkatta on the 1st. I have a megaton of photos from Pong’s little brother’s monkification ceremony, so hopefully I’ll be able to put up some of those soon.

Daniel and I encountered this television shell outside a closed Internet cafe out on a rural road. We didn’t have a camera with us, so later that day we motorbiked back to get some shots. Something about this set up is endlessly appealing.


2 responses to “Landscape TV

  1. Hey, I liked your Science of Eight Limbs photos and was thinking about asking you if you wanted to do some photos and writing about muay thai for a little project of mine. But you say you are leaving Thailand on the 1st. Bummer. Maybe you have more unpublished material (photos, etc) that you could use to put together some articles? Leave a comment on my blog if you think we could work something out – leave me your email – I won’t publish the comment.

  2. Daniel Mattison

    The television certainly was…intriguing.

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