Security Glass

Back in India, but I still have a ton of Thailand photos to work through. These are from Pong’s family home in Southern Thailand. They have cemented broken bottles into the top of their wall to make it harder to climb over — a poor man’s razor wire. You might remember Matt Damon wrapping his hands in a heavy curtain to parkour over a similarly equipped wall in The Bourne Ultimatum. Along with being pretty brutally effective (from my poor estimation), it looks pretty cool — especially when cars drive by at night, and their headlights send a shimmer through the long line of glass.


2 responses to “Security Glass

  1. They were doing this in Brazil in the late 1960s and I suspect have been doing it in Thailand for many decades as well. It never occurred to me, however, to photograph it. Perhaps if there’d been an internet and digital photogarphy 40+ years ago…

  2. They do the same thing in Ghana on the tops of the walls, and I agree that it is dangerous and pretty. MOM

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