Andrew Dana Hudson is a young American man with a variety of exquisite talents and a collected disposition. Unable to find a job after graduating from college, his only recourse was to move back to India to work as a journalist in the foothills of the Himalayas. He writes essays on local issues and the expatriate experience, as well as short stories, fan fiction, and rap lyrics. He also takes photographs, mostly of people. When he grows up he wants to be Batman, or possibly some sort of mad scientist.

For his previous works, consult this post.

He is on Twitter @AndrewDHudson, and Facebook here.

He hopes that you will indulge him.


6 responses to “About

  1. Batman and mad scientist. You could always be both!

  2. Great. We’ve outsourced to India, and now you’re going over there and stealing the jobs they stole from us! Traitor! lol

  3. i’d like to read about your adventures in Asia and what you do when you find a job stateside.

    Good luck

  4. Welcome to India.Have a great time. I wish you good time here Andrew.

  5. Andrew,

    I just read of your journey to India, and what it seems from your blog, your journey back into the States. Like many in our generation, I was unable to find able to find a job after college. I went to grad school, but I still FREAK OUT on a daily basis about gradating and stepping into the real work (graduation is a year away). Its comforting to know that the unemployed life isn’t a giant black hole. Your story comforted me, and showed me that, in some way or another, we we’ll all end up all right in the end.


  6. I read your article for The Chronicle, it was inspiring, especially because I love to travel and am also having difficulty landing interviews. Although loans are the motivation for me to continue to apply to hundreds of jobs, I will always think about the what if. I actually have an interview next week for a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep position, but its in my hometown. Although I am not thrilled to remain confined to my familiar territory, it will give me peace of mind regarding paying off my loans. This is the sad part about the times we live in now; we are willing to accept just about any offer thrown our way for financial security. I appreciate your comments and advice. Good luck with your job hunt.

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