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Can you spot the tiny lens flare?


Sometimes lamps fascinate me

The Rickshaw Riders

So this weekend Gangtok was flooded with over 175 white people here for the start of the Rickshaw Run, a ‘charity adventure’ of sorts that has them traveling in three-wheeled auto-rickshaws from Gangtok all the way (3500 km) to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. I had a great time covering the event, with all these interesting characters to talk to. I’ll post my coverage later this week, but I was so excited at some of the people shots I took in the crowd that I wanted to get them up first.

Above the Tarp

They had all these tarps up over MG Marg a couple weeks back, as part of the Pang Lhabsol festival. Most were more colorful than this, thankfully. Watching the tarps get taken down later was a delightful little scene.

Your weekly dose of Himalayan monsoon clouds

I have been told I tie my shoes like a child

Pictured above is, according to Anupa, the correct and adult way to tie one’s shoes, and more comfortable besides. Okay.