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The Rickshaw Riders

So this weekend Gangtok was flooded with over 175 white people here for the start of the Rickshaw Run, a ‘charity adventure’ of sorts that has them traveling in three-wheeled auto-rickshaws from Gangtok all the way (3500 km) to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. I had a great time covering the event, with all these interesting characters to talk to. I’ll post my coverage later this week, but I was so excited at some of the people shots I took in the crowd that I wanted to get them up first.


Blurry things are beautiful

I seriously never get tired of taking pictures of monks. Never.

Red and White

You know what doesn’t get old? Pictures of cute, Asian children. In uniforms! Awww! Look at all their little emotions!

The Way Monks Look

Pictures of those delightful fellows in the orange robes, from the monkification ceremony mostly. From a photography standpoint, there are few pleasures as simple or accessible as taking pictures of monks.

The Haircut

So most every Thai male becomes a monk, at least for a couple of days and usually for a couple of months. When I was in the South, I had the opportunity to watch my friend Pong’s younger brother go through the monkification ceremony. The first stage, though, is getting your head shaved, which was quite a celebrated event itself. Here are some choice shots of the big haircut.

Assorted Individuals

Portraits taken in the hustle and bustle of the monkification ceremony I attended in Southern Thailand. More from the ceremony itself soon.

A Little Scene At Play

Lovely days in Southern Thailand with friends Daniel and Pong. Not much time for writing or blogging, though I have a lot of pictures to sort through. The set below is from Laos, and it rather struck me as having the dynamic of a comic strip. A scene is set, a new character enters, something happens, snarky punchline. Add your own captions!